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p○urchased the■ phone," McColl◆um added.Wi■th built-in ◆AI and a combi◆nation of 6GB ○RAM and 256GB ROM●, the phone i◆s the top-end device● in Huawei's curr?/p> tional ●d

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餰nt product ●range, and f■eatures the larg◆est memory cortex o〓f the whole● HUAWEI Mate10 serie○s -- ideal for vastl●y storing photos, ●videos, and docume●nts."With



Huawei ■we have a pas●sionate and world-wi〓de respect◆ed partner that ○shares our goals and● values, which buil◆t the foundation fo〓r the c

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e◆w to the market ◆in

rea〓tion of the n○ew Porsche Design◆ HUAWEI Mate 10. W○e are delighted ○to continue

the succ◆essful partnership ○with Huawei and br■ing an out○standing s■mart phone to◆ the market tha■t meets the expectat〓ions of our dem●anding and

the United

te〓ch-savvy customers〓," said Ja○n Becker, CEO o○f Porsche De◆sign Group in 〓a statement〓 befor

e the off〓icial launc◆hing of the Po◆rsche Design○ Huawei Mate 10 i◆n the United ◆States."Ou■r partnership wi◆th Porsche Design r●eflects both bra◆nds' philosophy○ that superior ■design is jus●t as importa○nt as performanc〓e, and with


the 〓Porsche Design HUAW〓EI Mate 10■,

we are p●roud to have◆ achieved both," sai●d Richard Yu●, CEO of HUAW

EI○ Consumer Business G◆roup.Please sca○n the QR Code to fol■low us on I◆nsta

gramPlease■ scan the QR Code t○o f

ollow us on Wecha〓tHuawei unveil●s world's fir●st 5G commercial c○hi

pHuawei unveils w●orld's first 5G ■commercial chipHua●wei unveils world●'s fir

st 5G commerci〓al chip02-2◆7-2018

15:36 B◆JTChinese mob●ile giant Huawei ha●s unveiled it○s first 5G c

hip, wh●ich the company 〓claims is the world'○s first commerc●ial chipse〓t th

at meet○s the late■st 5G standards●,

reports People'●s Daily.Announced a○head of the Mob●ile World Co●ngres

s (MWC) 〓in Barcelon○a, Huawei says it●s Balong 5G01 i●s the world's firs〓t c

ommercia〓l chipset that adhe■res to th

e new 3G〓PP standar◆d for 5G n〓etworks. It can acc○ommodate dow〓nload

speeds of 2.〓3 GBPS (gigabit per● second).The compa◆ny has also unvei◆led a 5

G CPE (Cons○umer Premise● Equipmen

t) based● on its chipset. Th〓e device is de■signed for comm■ercial u

se, and al■so conforms to the n●ew specifica◆tions for 5G agree○d to by teleco